3Z’s FlexYard process control system is one of our flagship products designed specifically for hump or flat switching classification yards.

Robust Hardware for FlexYard & FlexTrim

3Z’s FlexYard and FlexTrim hardware architectures are designed and built specifically adhering to two fundamental requirements: robustness and flexibility. Each piece of hardware is chosen specifically to ensure it can withstand the harsh environmental conditions apparent in rail yards, such as wide temperature and humidity ranges, vibrations, and other destructive elements. Each component also fits well into a flexible architecture, giving us the ability to scale and modularize each system to fit the uniqueness of each yard. Also, future expansion of every system installed is clean and simple. Just like our software framework, if you want to expand a yard by adding a groups, tracks, or leads, adding standard modules is all it takes.

FlexYard’sindustrial process control servers have i7 processors running Linux OLE and use solid state hard drives. FlexYard/FlexTrim’sembedded I/O controllers also run Linux OLE and interface with our USB I/O modules. However, each controller is capable of interfacing and communicating with any type of USB, serial, or Ethernet I/O module. Built on an Ethernet backbone, each FlexYard/FlexTrim has the ability to be built and deployed with complete and automated redundancy.


FlexDraw is provided with all 3Z FlexYard and FlexTrim that have workstations with a Windows OS.

Updating Existing Hump System

We can rejuvenate your old system. We provide professional service to update your existing hump system in hardware and software. We can port your system to newer operating system or a different operating system. We also help to maintain your current systems.

Yard Routing Control Systems (NX)

FlexTrim is one of 3Z’s other flagship products designed specifically as an eNtrance to eXit(NX) route lining system. Typically utilized in yards, FlexTrim can be installed to control switches and line routes in departure yards, receiving yards, and local yards and is also a perfect solution for lining routes on trim leads, hump leads, and other miscellaneous yard leads. FlexTrim is an ideal solution for intermodal facilities, fueling facilities, loading and unloading industry facilities, and port authorities that rely on rail yards and rail traffic.

For mainline routing systems, 3Z’s FlexRoute is the perfect solution. Similar to FlexTrim, FlexRoute is an NX system and is designed to be used a non-vital computer-aided dispatching system.


FlexTrim: NX Yard Routing System

FlexRoute: Mainline CAD System

Functionality and Capabilities

Take Control: Install Reliability

3Z’s FlexYard and FlexTrim control systems are our cornerstone products. Designed specifically for rail yard applications, these systems are built to be reliable and eliminate unplanned downtime in any rail yard. Years ahead of the industry’s competing products, FlexYard is built with the industry’s most innovative and reliable software and hardware components. The process control and I/O control servers

utilize a Linux OS (OLE), providing unmatched reliability and viability when compared to its competition. With a FlexYard control system running Linux, there will be no issues with OS upgrades, which create backwards compatibility issues or obsolescence due to incompatible hardware. FlexYard servers NEVER NEED TO BE REBOOTED. FlexYard and FlexTrim systems that are currently

in-service have not required rebooting for over 18 months. This is because of the efficient 3Z system software running on a Linux OS, which is installed on an industrial ruggedized server designed for harsh environments. So, add value to your RR with a FlexYard or FlexTrim control system. We guarantee you’ll see increased production and reliability with reduced dwell and maintenance.

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