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3Z Automation is a privately held company which was founded in 2009 by Owner and President Kevin Tan. Currently, our company headquarters is located in Dallas, TX, ideally situating us in the state with the most rail miles, trafficking the most freight tonnage in the country. We provide our Class 1 freight rail customers the most innovative, reliable, and maintainable rail yard automation systems and rail traffic control solutions at prices that cannot be beat in our industry. Our low costs also make us a perfect fit for short-line railroads, port authorities, transit rail carriers, and other small industries with rail lines, leads, or yards.

It’s no secret, a key to the success of our products and services are attributed to, and dependent upon, our leadership team’s industry specific knowledge and combined experience –over a half century –in railroad yard automation and traffic control systems, signal and electrical design, project management, computer engineering, systems analytics, yard layout design and optimization, operations, software development, and system implementation. Our leadership team consists of the following individuals:

Aside from experience, much of our success stems from an organizational commitment to customer service and support. Our number one priority is supporting our customers in a timely manner with the urgency required in every situation. We take pride in building stable and honest relationships with our existing customers and are dedicated to continue to build these relationships in the future.

So TAKE CONTROL of your railroad by teaming up with 3Z Automation. We’ll help you find the solutions you need to safely optimize operations and reduce risk on your railroad at a price that cannot be beat.

Innovative Products and Reliable Services

3Z’s products are comprised of the industries best rail yard automation systems and rail traffic control systems. Perfect for increasing yard or rail capacity, improving operating efficiency, and/or eliminating technological obsolescence from any rail yard, lead, or line in the world. 3Z’s cornerstone products –FlexYard and FlexTrim –are purposely built with flexible building blocks which are easily configured and deployed by us, or our customers, to fit with any rail yard or rail line topology with unique track and switch layouts. 3Z’s products include, but are not limited to, those listed below:

FlexYard: Classification Yard Automation Control System

FlexTrim: NX Yard Routing System

FlexRoute: Mainline CAD System

3Z’s service and support reliability is second to none when compared to its competitors. Driven from the top down by 3Z’s President, providing immediate and timely service and support to its customers is the organization’s number one priority.

Although 3Z guarantees its products are the most reliable in the industry, its strong commitment to service is reflected in full hardware warranties for all of its products. Also, software warranties are provided and guaranteed for the life of the product. 24/7 support is available for all products, as 3Z aims keep its customers’ railroads running non-stop.

If you choose not to rely on 3Z for support, no problem. 3Z will provide operating and technical training for its customers’ personnel. With user friendly and reliable products, self-sustainability is within reach with 3Z’s systems.

3Z’s core services are:

Take Control of Your Railroad

As we know, all rail yards, lines, and leads to have unique characteristics and are ever-evolving with additions or modifications to tracks, switches, and/or circuits. With increasing traffic and the constant fluctuation of car loadings traversing rail lines and terminals, freight and transit rail carriers continue to project, plan, and adjust existing infrastructure to account for changes in capacity.

In these extremely complex and dynamic environments, quick and cost-effective implementation and adaptability of your automation and control systems is key to avoid diminishing ROI, delaying capital improvement projects, and increasing your railroad’s capacity at the required pace.
TAKE CONTROL of your railroad and invest in a partnership with 3Z. We provide the industry’s best products and support at UNBEATABLY LOW PRICES.

How? The flexibilityof our elite product platforms, coupled with our leadership team’s industry experience and knowledge, allows us to execute transparent system implementation with optimal efficiency and minimal project durations, which ultimately diminishes the cost to our customers.

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