Web-based Technology

3Z’s FlexYard and FlexTrim control systems are designed and deployed with remote access capability.

Online Reports

Our online reports reflect state-of-the-art technology.

Computer Aided Design

3Z low cost CAD design will help you to update your existing circuit plan.

Web Based Logging & Reporting

3Z’s FlexYard and FlexTrim control systems are designed and deployed with remote access capability. Event logs, system reports, daily reports, system health, component diagnostics, and alarm alerting are all accessed using web browsers. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the yard on the technician’s workstation or in your office at your railroad’s headquarters, if your system has a connection to your RR’s network, authorized users can access this information and these features. As long as you are on a computer with a web browser, you have access to all system reports, logs, and alerts.


Remote Access via Web BrowserFlexYard and FlexTrim Features and Capabilities

Take Control: Expand Accessibility and Gain Viability

Accessibility is one of the most desirable facets in today’s transportation industry. Specifically, accessibility to data… from anywhere.
Technological advances over the last decade have made remote access to via communications network relatively simple. 3Z utilizes this technology to the fullest by making all pertinent information about the operations and infrastructure of a yard immediately available from anywhere.

With 3Z’s FlexYard or FlexTrim, a headquarter executive can, and should, have the ability to see exactly what the local technician or operations manager can see. All system event logs, production reports, maintenance reports, health statuses, and alarms can be accessed by any authorized person with a web browser. This means no special computer, computer application, or OS environment is required to have direct access to the pertinent information about a yard at a moment’s notice.

With this capability, technical and operational executives have the ability to customize their own reports, export their chosen data, create their own alarms, and view the system diagnostics on their own. These features allow executives to make proactive decisions regarding system maintenance, bowl usage, operational production, and logistical optimization. Also, executives that gain this ability receive the local information at the same time the local employees do. This means executives can access more data faster resulting in better decisions sooner. Ultimately, viability is gained by acquiring the ability to eliminate risk in a yard environment.

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