Constructed with reliability, flexibility, and tomorrow’s technology in mind, 3Z ‘s products are built with the most robust, common, and innovative software platforms, frameworks, and languages used today:

  • Linux OLE (Oracle) OS: Process Control Servers
  • C++ Programming: Process Control Logic
  • MySQL Databases:
        Yard Configuration
        IO Mapping and Network Mapping
        Event Logs and Reports
  • Apache & Java: Web Reports, Logs, Diagnostics
  • Linux (OLE) or Win OS: Workstation/HMI OS
  • QT App Framework: Linux Workstation GUI
  • Visual Basic: Win Workstation GUI


FlexTrim is one of 3Z’s other flagship products designed specifically as an eNtrance to eXit (NX) route lining system.


FlexDraw is provided with all 3Z FlexYard and FlexTrim that have workstations with a Windows OS.

Updating Existing Hump System

We can rejuvenate your old system. We provide professional service to update your existing hump system in hardware and software. We can port your system to newer operating system or a different operating system. We also help to maintain your current systems.

Classification Yard Automation

3Z’s FlexYard process control system is one of our flagship products designed specifically for hump or flat switching classification yards. FlexYard has been built with capabilities superior to past and present competing technology, ensuring safety, reliability, and flexibility at low cost. Enhanced protection logic virtually eliminates the possibility of a cornering incident, a Linux OS provides high availability without being prone to crashes, and modular hardware allows the ability to expand, modify, or replace components with minimal downtime and cost. Innovative, custom features not available in competing products such as HumpAnywherelogic, FlexDraw, FlexVoice, and complete remote accessibility to logs, reports, and diagnostics via web browsers sets FlexYard apart from competing products.

Crest Crest

Functionality and Capabilities

Innovative Features

Benefits of FlexYard

Take Control: Invest in Innovation

At 3Z, our extensive and diverse experience in railroad has allowed us to understand the technology and operational processes deployed in rail yards throughout the world. More importantly, however, we understand how rail yard technology and operational processes integrate, the existing challenges and deficiencies, and how to incorporate viable solutions to overcome those obstacles.

HumpAnywhere is a FlexYard feature that allows humping, switching, or kicking from ANY location, on ANY lead in the yard. Pins can be pulled from the most efficient lead or track for each specific sequence of cars. Are cars only destined for tracks 3, 4, and 5? Do you have a unique lead layout and kick from multiple locations? No need to pull back to the crest. With Hump-Anywhere, just pull back enough to clear the first switch in the next route and the new route you need will line. HumpAnywhere inherently increases yard operating efficiency by reducing the distances of moves, the distances free rolling cuts travel, and the time a user interfaces with the system.

FlexVoice is a newly developed speech recognition and voice alarm application which can be integrated into any FlexYard or FlexTrim system. FlexVoice allows operators to use voice commands to line routes, change modes, add/delete cars from a list, etc. Verbal responses confirm commands after each is requested and after each is executed. With FlexVoice, operators can verbally and securely control the yard system from any fixed or mobile microphone located anywhere in the yard. Eliminate the reliance on Tower or Crest operators to control your yard by adding FlexVoiceto your railroad.

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